Tuesday, 22 November 2011


What a month! Started a new job at a nearby Primary School. Absolutely loving it, but is hard work, I get home and I'm ready to crash. But I have to pick myself up and start studying. Its so unbelievably hard to do. I am really struggling with getting my head around creative writing. I have so many ideas at random times of the day, different genre of stories I could really sink my teeth into, but then I get home, shattered and I cant get my thoughts straight. Do I start with building a novel around a scene, or character or do I freewrite and hope it takes me to where I need to go?! The thing with writing is that there are so many different avenues to take I dont know where to begin, and so as a result - I dont begin at all!!
Lately I have been reading up about first person writing, third person writing and limited omniscience narrator. So many different styles. Help!! haha.
On a brighter note, its christmas soon, love christmas!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

And the studying begins.....

The Anniversary ManR.J. Ellory...such an inspirational writer. I have just finished reading one of his books, 'The Anniversary Man' . The way he writes is so clever, he describes places, people, objects in such a poetic way you cant put the book down! His work is mainly detective/thriller stories which normally I dont tend to read, but I have read almost every book of his so far.
Between reading Othello for my current Reading and Studying Literature course, I am reading his current book 'Saints of New York'. Already gripped!

Just trying to get back into the swing of studying, which is hard when I've had 3 months of doing nothing except work my day job - and partime at that too! But now I am trying to get my head down for Creative Writing and Reading & Studying Literature courses (with the Open University). I thought creative writing would be a breeze...but it isnt!! More than anything, it really tests you on your confidence.. I need to write a short story of 750 word, and I havent even started because I keep thinking, it wont be very good. I get 3 lines into it and the inner critisism begins.

I think I have to throw myself into it, and see what comes out at the end. I have to stop thinking so much!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Quick freewrite

All memories faded from years of over heard conversations. Now a home to wandering animals, shelter from the wind and rain, and the frozen fragments of snow. Only use now is as fire wood. Thrown on an old log fire in blistering cold winters to heat up the homes of happy families. Where times are hard, and the men work until dark out in the gusty winds to come home to the mouthwatering smell of food, to sit by a crackling fire with their boots off, and family around them. Cold winter days are a time of festivities, where children run around in frightening outfits demanding sweets. Or the sound of high pitched squealing followed by a ear splitting bang that releases thousands of brightly coloured lights sprinkled all over the velvet midnight black sky. A bonfire stands proud and majestic in the middle of a crowded field, for all to look at and embrace the warmth, making little cheeks rosy red. Sticky toffee apples, fudge and treacle being eaten with difficulty by wide eyed children dressed in woolly hats, gloves and scarves. All but a few wearing brightly coloured wellies, as they trudge through the muddy grass enjoying the night time delights of winter.

Friday, 30 September 2011


Church Bells ring loudly in the summer heat
Frantic harmony for the town to hear
Against the backdrop of cars rushing by
I walk down the narrow, cobbled pathway
Passing freshly mowed fields, a home to cows
Chewing idly while the sun heats their
Black and white backs, flies hovering all around
their nonchalant faces
The breeze beckons me seductively to
Appreciate the warmth of the sun and
The sounds of nature enfolding me with
A sense of simplistic, fulfilling calm
Washing away all worries and woes it
Breathes a freshness of new beginnings
Where birds chat to each other in sing song tweets
The brustle of the tree branches swaying to 
The rhythm of the wind, saluting the sun.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hello baby girl its nice to meet you
All small amd dainty, with pink rosy cheeks
Big blue eyes looking with questions all brand new
At strange faces of family sneaking peaks
So small, so sweet wrapped lovingly in pink
Your arrival anticipated for weeks
Everyone knows you were the missing link
So loved and content in your mummys embrace
Sleeping soundly, safe with your family
You remind us to slow down the fast race
For this little family, your the key
Your calm and quiet breathing centres our soul
Your mothers love is a song we all hear
You are our remedy, you make us whole
Your love we have been waiting for, our Theia.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My First Ever Blog.

Well this feels strange! I have never written a blog before in my life, and I actually feel nervous. I have the 'first time jitters'. 

I have finally decided to start my own blog site for many reasons - but the main two are the most inspirational...I have recently started a Creative Writing course with the Open University (something else completely new to me!) and I need to get the practice in, even if I write a little - I am writing something each day and starting my 'writing habit' as it were. Another reason as to why I have finally taken the plunge is down to a fellow blogger who I came accross by total chance, Rebecca Alexandre. Her blogs are so intriguing and I have thouroughly enjoyed reading her different opinions, life stories and experiences and will continue to do so. Another reason is that she has completed the course I have just began, so I can realte to some of her blogs.

I hope my writing isn't too boring, if it is all I can say is, stick with it and I am sure I will get better with practice. My nerves and worries will soon go, leaving behind a great writer.... Or one can hope.